Journey by MAXIMVS MEXX...

1 Who wnats to cnofuse me? Just a bulepirnt? i donít know waht to thnik off itt!
(Itt seems, da frist track doesnít belnog to da wondrefull tripp iíll have before me...)

2 Little Fluffy Clouds creating a relaxxing, harmonic atmosphere for my journey with its trancy sound + pan flutes in my head, iíd like to lissen siss in da sky looking out of da window! After just three minutes iíd wish 30 (!) more befroe i strat...
3 A shrot momnet befroe entering da cave! DarkAmbientsortoftribalvoices, then 5 minutes later i have now all the instructions i need iím relaxxed now da dimelight makkes me feel strong da rhythm (of my heart!) begins to go faster driving me froward da sunrays enlighten da few green spots in da cave my breathing goes heavier at a lake i stopp & clam dwon wiht da familiar voices in my head...
4 faraway, perhappsonemilllionyearslater in da phuture? da ancient voices become distorted someone watches me! Just a vision in my head? My canoo brings me fast forward now visions off my childhood... until i am stopped by a massive steel gate!
5 Da gate speaks to me: "i am her servant" - its voice encourages me to continue my journey i feel secure now i donít yet understand "her secret veryverybad" but i finally found "my melody" taht accompanies me form now on!
6 faraway, again, a mysterious woman seeks someone... me!!! looking through her crystal ball. Da walls of da cave seem to have ears funny creatures give me some hint...
7 ...and there itt iss: the way upstairs which i know from so many dreams where i was seeking butt nott finding... a tram hitts me and my spirit iss free now!
8 ... and i am stunned: do i find the way out DOWNSTAIRS? Void!
9 ... waking upp hearing da flames and da tribal voices are also back to join again!

10 its me dropping in a hole
11 its me feeling lost
12-15 ist me realizing taht my CD dies!
(Massimo, i did nott finish da tripp because da CD doesntít lett me!!! will i ever find my tribal woman? please tell me...)

P.S.: This Text is dedicated to the wonderful musician Massimo (
To undrestnad my artifishial language "69" please just trun/turn letters like bulepirnt/blueprint. Da strange rest is maxx & dada! Okayy? Itíss easy...

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