logan brothers

we are dan, debbie and deke
the band started in early 1996
right now we play *pop* songs
our musical influences range from big black over tullycraft to the volume all*star

suggested readings [for further understanding]:
"willard and his bowling trophies" by richard brautigan
"the ticket that exploded" by bill burroughs
"try" by dennis cooper

logan brothers ich möchte musik machen können [lt1, single, april 1996] >> logan brothers transita de luxe [lt2, album, september 1996] >> logan brothers battle beyond the stars [lt3, album, october 1996] >> logan brothers the day of the animal horse [lt5, album, march 1997] >> deke logan girls & cybernetics & astronautics [lt8, album, june 1997] >> logan brothers let‘s get vaporized! [lt10, album, september 1997] >> logan brothers rcd cold protec [lt11, album, december 1997] >> dan logan feinstregulierung [lt13, album, april 1998] >> logan brothers destroy corporate rock with howard hughes [lt14, album, july 1998] >> logan brothers bye bye [lt15, single, july 1998] >> logan brothers miss welder [lt 18, album, april 1999] >> logan brothers / unitary if i was a boy [lt 19, split single, december 2000] plus logan brothers toy pop dragsters [lt23, album, september 2000]

ulrich prüfer
dr.-otto-meyer-straße 9
d-86169 augsburg
phone (08 21) 74 99 580